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The «Splav» company specializes in the manufacturing and selling of clothing and equipment for outdoor activities, uniforms, camouflage clothing, footwear, equipment and related products for the security, army, police and special forces.

The company has its own garment manufacturing.

All produced equipment has been tested by cavers, tourists and also in combat.

The basic models are patented under the «Splav» trade mark, which always means high quality and practicality.

Splav works since 1992

Women's Long Baselayer Shirt Formula

Features: A warm thermal underwear made from elastic and durable material Kinetix King Stretch can be used with equal efficiency and as a base layer in the cold season, and as a middle layer in the off-season

Kinetix King Stretch material consists of two layers: a durable wear-resistant outer surface made of nylon and a soft polyester inner layer with veloure pile. Kinetix King Stretch features an optimal balance of air permeability, protection from light wind, wicks moisture away and elasticity.


Pants Panzer Hard

Durable pants designed for off-season Hiking

Anatomic cut, articulated knees

Belt is adjustable in size using the side elastics straps

Inner part of the belt in the lumbar region for comfort lined with a soft wicking fabric

Belt loops are designed for strap 4.5 cm width

Hidden drawcord on the bottom of pants

Strengthening on the inside of the leg



Jacket Panzer Hard

Rugged, lightweight jacket designed for off-season Hiking

Anatomic cut does not restrict movement

Long, almost to mid-thigh.

Due to the absence of the polyurethane coat breathes well

Center front zip with protective placket

Removable hood adjusts to facial contours and volume.

Collar is pulled from above, the inner and upper part of which is made of a softer fabric

Drawcord hem

Sleeves has Velcro adjustments



Backpack-Style Duffel Bag Baul Transport 100

Backpack-Style Duffel Bag Baul Transport 100


  • Volume: 100 L (6102 cu.in.)
  • Dimensions: 75×41×35 cm (29.5×16.1×13.8 in)
  • Weight: 1250 g (44.1 oz)

Description: Simplified and lightweight bag, based on the model "Classic 100".

Made of a dense waterproof fabric. All carrier handle and straps made of dense and strong slings.

  • Large convenient zippered entry for easy access to equipment
  • Belts for carrying on the back
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Two handles for loading, unloading and transportation

One-Piece Suit 22** Polartec Power Stretch Pro SZ

This model is an updated version of our most popular isotermico - Suit. v2 Polartec Power Stretch Pro .... On-sale - spring 2018.

The product, originally designed for speleology, are ideal for different sports

Model of stretchable, form-fitting, Polartec Power Stretch Pro™

Maybe it is of the best speleo suit produced on this planet

Under the knees and on the elbows pockets of stretchy , quick-drying nylon mesh. Optimized for use with protective inserts from D3O



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