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“Right” sleeping bag – is the ensures of a good night's sleep and good rest.

High level rest – is an indispensable condition for successful conquest of any tourist route, and a healthy sleep – one of its an indispensable part. To create conditions for a comfortable dream is possible using the camping equipment, which is specially adapted for this purpose. One of its central elements is the camping or hiking sleeping bags.

The backpacking sleeping bag represents the bag sewed from moisture resistant fabric with the insulation from natural or synthetic heat-insulating materials. It is zipped ahead and provides to the camper comfortable conditions for a dream. Two main types: a sleeping bag – the slim fit sleeping bags having the anatomic form, and the sleeping bag blanket which is cut out from a rectangular panel.


The choice of a best sleeping bag is based on two main criterion – type of a design and type of insulation.

Among types of sleeping bag there are singled out Mummy sleeping bags, Semirectangular (or barrel-shaped) and rectangular bag.

To advantages of a cocoon sleeping bag it is possible to refer lightweight, therefore the majority of sleeping bags for extreme tourism are sleeping bags - mummy sleeping bag. Buy light weight sleeping bag – mummy sleeping bag if you are a climber, the caver or the amateur of other extreme types of tourism.

The sleeping bag blanket, at big dimensions and weight provides the maximum comfort for a dream. You won't feel in it swaddled, but also, it is better displayed in a tent as a blanket. Generally such shape have the camping sleeping bags and universal sleeping bags, and also double sleeping bags.


In our shop is presented the huge range of the models sleeping bags of best Russian brands of outdoor equipment today. We offer you a wide choice of sleeping bags of any shape and all types of insulation which are available today.

  • Synthetic sleeping bags have both the advantages, and shortcomings. Advantages which the synthetic sleeping bag included are reasonable prices, moisture resistance, they retain heat better when wet, and they usually dry quicker as well, and also opportunity to use a synthetic sleeping bag for people with an allergy to down of birds. Modern synthetic insulator, such as Primaloft Inc. and Climashield Inc. be compared favourably with down in compression opportunities and a ratio of thermal ratings to weight. From shortcomings it is possible to allocate temperature limits of the use and less lifetime.
  • Down sleeping bags are considered as the most qualitative of all presented equipment, they are more durable, have the wide range of temperature limits and are capable to maintain extreme frosts. Besides, down sleeping bags have the minimum weight therefore are great for difficult mountaineering and other extreme types of outdoor activates. Down sleeping bags have higher price in comparison with synthetic, but at the same time it is necessary to be attention for quality of a filler. The best down sleeping bags consist of goose down with Fill power (is a measure of the loft or "fluffiness" of a down product that is loosely related to the insulating value of the down. The higher the fill power the more air an ounce of the down can trap, and thus the more insulating ability an ounce of the down will have.) not less than 650+ inside. In sleeping bags of the best brands can be used down with higher measure Fill Power - 850+ and even 900+.


At the choice it is necessary to paying attention to the size of a sleeping bag. All producers specify growth, also some time meet the sizes of a grasp of hips and legs, that especially important for cocoon sleeping bag skintight to a body. Choose a sleeping bag under your growth and constitution.

Women sleeping bags produced with special additional warming in a breast, hips and legs.

Various "spice" which are offered by producers are also important: a possibility of a zip-together sleeping bags, a soft lining (fleece, cotton, synthetics), fitting a convenient hood, a pocket for little things, tabs for airing, etc.


In Outdoor-Equip online store are presented sleeping bags of the best Russian producers in wide assortment of the sizes and models. Always on sale – lightweight down sleeping bags, Primaloft sleeping bags, special children's sleeping bags and many others.

The prices of sleeping bags of the Russian production are very competitive, you can find cheap sleeping bags in our online shop of sleeping bags made in Russia, at the same time the used materials and insulations of sleeping bags such as Primaloft and Goose Down are well-known among best producers of well-known world brands and meet the international standards.

Make the order on the website and we will deliver your sleeping bag to any city of the World.

Our experts are always ready to answer you how to choose the best sleeping bag and will prompt an optimal variant proceeding from specifics of your tourist routes in our live chat or by e-mail sale@outdoor-equip.com