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The modern backpack is so structurally difficult thing that you asks a question: whether this great variety of different backpacks for travel and sport, backpack for holiday and hiking gear, backpack with one strap or two are so necessary.

What for so many models of backpacks and what they differ from each other in? How to choose a backpack? Where to buy a backpack?

Despite a huge number of versions, all backpacks it is possible to classify by some general signs. The main of them: design, spaciousness and functional purpose.

Structurally all backpacks can be divided into three groups:

  • Frameless backpack (not having rigidity elements). The simplest backpack design is a bag attached to a set of shoulder straps. They are the backpack for walks in the city, some outdoor packs, particularly those sold for day hikes, ultralight backpacking and mountaineering are sometimes frameless as well. Their advantages – the compact sizes and lightweight, shortcomings – ineffective distribution of weight loading and impossibility of application for carrying of heavy things;
  • Frame backpacks have in a basis a rigid frame from a aluminum, other lightweight metal alloy, and recently reinforced synthetic polymers or plastic. Generally such construction has the capacious backpacks intended for heavy loads. Their advantages, is giving the wearer more support and protection and better weight distribution than a simple, frameless backpacks. Shortcomings – is a own weight, a rigid frame which can injure during the falling, complexity during descent and raising of things on the vertical plane (in caves, on steep slopes, etc.);
  • Internal frame backpacks anatomic construction - the most popular type of backpacks. The majority of backpacks for sports and tourism, for travel and all other outdoor activities concerns to him. The Internal frame backpacks has a soft basis which rigidity is provided by aluminum or plastic inserts on a back. Such backpack perfectly holds a form and at the same time weighs less than frame packs. The most convenient backpack of this type – with a removable framework, it is easily transformed in Frameless and more lightweight backpack.

The capacity of the backpacks are divided into:

  • Small (compact) backpack, designed to carry load up to 10 kilograms and have a volume of 20-40 liters. This type includes backpacks for training, backpacks for hiking or comfortable lightweight backpacks for short trips;
  • Medium (from 40 to 70 liters). The most numerous and universal category of backpacks. These are backpacks for trips, travel and backpackings;
  • Large (large-sized). Used for transfer of considerable weights on long travel and autonomous expeditions.

With functionality the situation is more difficult: it is impossible to buy a backpack for all occasions. There are no universal backpacks. The more widely at a backpack scope of application, the less it is adapted for the solution of specific objectives. The most correct option - buy several backpacks: separately for city walks, for cycling gear, ascensions to mountaineering and long distance hiking gear. Of course, you will spend more money, but get all advantages of use of specialized equipment.

At the choice of a tourist backpack for tourism pay attention to such details as:

  • System of distribution of weight. It is possible safely say that quality of this system, solved due to design Features expensive super-tech backpacks from simple fellows;
  • Existence of an adjustable suspension bracket (straps, belt, back and lumbar support) which can adjust a backpack according to your figure;
  • Width and thickness of straps, shouldn't be too narrow, but also not really wide. Optimum width for the majority of models – 6-7 cm;
  • The zone belt isn't obligatory for easy walking backpacks, but has to be in backpacks for tourism and distant hike. Correctly designed belt helps to transfer more than a half of weight of a backpack to hips, unloading at the same time shoulders and a backbone.
  • Material of fabric from which the backpack is sewed. As practically any backpack is intended for long carrying outdoor, it has to be made of strong waterproof material;
  • Pleasant and convenient detail: holders for sleeping pads and climbing equipment; pockets for storage of various things which have to be always near at hand; lower "cellar" - the compartment separated from the main structure in which it is possible to keep, for example, a sleeping bag and to get it, without pulling out all things from a backpack. The backpack with one strap perfectly will be suitable for the photographer who should pass often from one place to another and to transfer for itself the photography equipment, and a backpack with drinking system – for cyclists or climbers.

Buying a backpack, it is necessary to pay attention to quality of a product. If you want to be sure for 100% of reliability of the backpack, buy the checked backpacks of the known world brands. Excellent functional backpacks release the American producers The North Face and Osprey, for climbers - Black Diamond and Mammut, for freerider- Dakine and Evoc. Also Europeans don't lag behind - under the Deuter brand releases strong and deserved novelties for tourists athletes backpacks of almost any mission, the Vaude brand - the excellent choice for cyclists. In a row with world brands it is possible to put well known in Russia and beginners to win the world market Russian brands with the goods made in Russia such as Splav, Bask, Red Fox, Sivera, Moscompass. Hiking, climbing, speleology and other types of outdoor activities in Russia have a long history and were very actively developed in the Soviet Union. In this period in the country there was no opportunity to receive the goods developed by the foreign companies, therefore the industry in this sphere actively developed to satisfy needs of tourists and travelers in the country with so various and severe climate. Today while developing new models of clothes and equipment for outdoor activities the Russian companies use the most modern materials and technologies. It's a dynamically developing industry with a strong state support. Since 2013, many Russian companies, whose products offers online store Outdoor-Equip participate in the exhibition ISPO, which is held annually in Munich.


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