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Our company “Moscow Compass” specializes in manufacture of compasses for sports (orienteering) and for tourism.

Our compasses are specially designed to operate in extreme conditions, when required precise definition of the azimuth at fast walking and running.

Owing to the unique characteristics of compass needle - speed of return to the position of the North-South , the rate of damping oscillations and stability at movement - the compasses from “Moscow Compass” are recognized all over the world.


The «Splav» company specializes in the manufacturing and selling of clothing and equipment for outdoor activities, uniforms, camouflage clothing, footwear, equipment and related products for the security, army, police and special forces.

The company has its own garment manufacturing.

All produced equipment has been tested by cavers, tourists and also in combat.

The basic models are patented under the «Splav» trade mark, which always means high quality and practicality.

Splav works since 1992


The company was founded in 1992. One of the most experienced companies in the domestic outdoor travel and leisure market, well-known in Russia and abroad. Produces clothes and equipment for travel, mountaineering, extremal sport, polar expeditions etc.

Clothes and equipment for hunting and fishing are made by separate HRT brand.

The base of collection is products for working in the conditions of the hard frosts. The BASK company also produce storm clothes, SoftShell clothes, thermo underwear, Polartec clothes, accessories, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and many other things.

The company is based in Moscow, Russian. It has additional offices in Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Latvia, Slovenija, Chile, France, New Zealand, India, Moldova, and Romania.